Current Work


The Opportunity Agenda is a social justice communication lab. We collaborate with social justice leaders to move hearts and minds, driving lasting policy and culture change. We amplify the inspirational voices of opportunity through communication expertise, creative engagement and research. 

  1. We shape compelling narratives and messages and build the communication capacity of social justice leaders through training and resources.
  2. We engage with artists, creatives, and culture makers as powerful storytellers to shift the public discourse.
  3. We conduct research and use it to craft compelling narratives and effective messages.
Criminal Justice
An overview of public opinion and discourse on criminal justice issues
Immigrants and Opportunity 
Developing common themes for immigration messaging
From Poverty to Opportunity
Media and public opinion on poverty in America

Home Opportunity
Access to homeownership under fair and sustainable terms
An annual event that brings together diverse social justice leaders for intensive communications skill-building and support
Creative Change
Working at the intersection of arts and social justice