Current Work

To offer true opportunity, we believe our nation must acknowledge and address the barriers that keep people from achieving their full potential.  When we find these barriers—such as foreclosures, over-reliance on prisons, racial or gender bias—we must work together as a society to eliminate them.

To read more about how we are working to do this, select the headings below:   

Affirmative Action
Decision Message Guidance
Home Opportunity
Access to homeownership under fair and sustainable terms
Immigrants and Opportunity
Developing common themes for immigration messaging
Creative Change
Working at the intersection of arts and social justice

From Poverty to Opportunity
Media and public opinion on poverty in America
Criminal Justice
An overview of public opinion and discourse on criminal justice issues
Opportunity for Black Men and Boys
Assessing perceptions of and by African-American men and boys and their relationship to the media
Communications Institute
An annual event that brings together diverse social justice leaders for intensive communications skill-building and support
Public Opinion Monthly
An information hub of public opinion and media research

Reproductive Justice
Building support for reproductive health and rights

LGBT and Race
Research on the intersection of LGBT rights and racial justice