American Banksters from Opportunity Agenda on Vimeo.


Meet the characters:



 A mortgage broker in his mid-40's, who introduces us to the Family. The Wall Street Crime Family.









A retired grandmother in her mid-70's who is galvanized to action by the loss of her home. When Margaret assembles her friends and moves on the Family, it provides a useful roadmap for us all.








He led cartels of robo-signers to falsify documents.








He took the riskiest loans, chopped ‘em up, mixed 'em in mortgage backed securities and resold them. The genius part was that he was betting they’d fail at the same time.







He and his buddies targeted minorities with sub-prime loans.








The Regulator was nicknamed Dee Regulator, because the banksters kept him doped up to make sure that there were no rules in place, and nobody got sent to the big house.







Writer / Director: Shalini Kantayya
Producer: Cédric Troadec
Director of Photography: Shane Sigler
Editor and Visual Effects: Zachary Ludescher
Production Designer: R. Kelsey Hall
Costume Designer: Astrid Brucker
Composer: Simone Giuliani
Casting and Location Manager: Seana Cavanagh
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Gaffer: Paul Dickover
Sound Recordist: Colin Alexander
Sound Designer: Tom Gambale
Production Assistant: Alex Nelson
Production Assistant: Abigail Sanford
Documentary Photography: Courtesy of Kelly Creedon


Margaret: Harri Molese
Johnny: Stephan Goldbach
Freddy “5-Fingers” Fargo: Shawn Gianella
Jesse James Morgan: Ron Fallicia
Goldie “Pretty Boy” Zax: Nikolai Delevante
Dee Regulator: Giovanni Roselli
The Dealer: Michael Murray
Grandmother 1: Elaine Liebmann
Grandmother 2: Esther Jackson

Special Thanks

The Wayland NYC
Vanessa Nisperos
Sabine Hoffman
Mesh Flanders
Cece Carpio
Karin Hayes

A 7th Empire Media Production.