The promise of a better tomorrow is a cornerstone of the American Dream. The belief that our children should inherit a world that is safer, cleaner, and more equitable is a bedrock fundamental. Recently, however, that hope has dimmed; an increasing number of Americans are finding only obstacles where there should be opportunities to succeed and thrive.

The Opportunity Agenda recognizes that it will take all of us – public officials, private citizens, businesses large and small, and organizations such as our own  – to reclaim that hope for the future. We join and support Dream of a Nation, an evolving project that amplifies awareness of social, environmental, and economic issues, while providing visionary solutions.

In Alice Walker’s words, Dream of a Nation “offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be.” Over three years in the making, Dream of a Nation presents ideas from more than 60 organizations—including The Opportunity Agenda—on key topics like strengthening community, ending poverty, immigration reform, building an equitable economy, and media reform, to name a few.

The Opportunity Agenda’s Executive Director Alan Jenkins’s article is on the benefits immigrants bring to America as well as the need to develop "valuable relations that uphold our Nation's values and keep us move forward together." Other Dream of a Nation contributors include Vice President Al Gore, Geoffrey Canada of the Harlem Children's Zone, NASA Astronaut Jerry Linenger, and many nonprofit leaders.

Dream of a Nation is a project of SEE Innovation, a national non-profit that seeks to build awareness, capacity, and structures for social and environmental transformation. Proceeds from book sales will go to maintaining a dynamic online community, advocacy funding, and other outreach initiatives. To learn more about the project and to purchase the Dream of a Nation book, click here.