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The announcement that the Obama Administration will no longer deport students and young people who came to the country as children is a major victory for equality and justice. The celebrations are long-awaited and well-deserved. But of course, we still have much to do. This memo contains messaging guidance about leveraging this media moment to highlight the next steps our policymakers must take to get our immigration policies on the right track, and aligned with American values.

Main Messaging Themes

  • This decision is a long time coming, is important to upholding our core values of fairness and opportunity, and is the right direction for these young people and for our nation.
  • But it’s not enough. Our policymakers need to:
    • Halt the deportation of other immigrants who are getting caught up in draconian policing measures and denied a day in court;
    • Stop enacting state laws that marginalize and exclude these young people, their families, and millions of other immigrants who just want to contribute and participate; and
    • Create a reasonable immigration process for these aspiring citizens and millions of other immigrant Americans who want to contribute and participate in this country.
  • Our communities need more commonsense approaches like the decision the president announced today, policies that move us forward together rather than exclude and divide.

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