Promoting Human Rights at Home 

Opportunity requires a national commitment to protecting and promoting human rights.  

These rights are the guarantee of dignity and fairness we all deserve by virtue of our humanity, and which governments around the world have recognized as universally essential. Because the human rights of many Americans continue to be unfulfilled or violated, it is essential that we work to build understanding and support for those rights here at home.

To support the expansion of a domestic human rights movement, The Opportunity Agenda works with leaders and advocates to design and implement communications strategies that examine and expand public understanding of and support for human rights in the United States.

This work has included a multi-year research project to examine the views of key audiences. Using focus groups, surveys, a national poll, and message testing, we provide the field with a better understanding of these audiences’ views, interests, and concerns. We also work with field leaders to develop communications tools and trainings, and to take our shared message “live.”

While building the communications capacity and strength of this nascent movement, we seek to promote law and policy on the local, state and federal levels that recognize human rights as core to the expansion of American opportunity. Working with advocates within the domestic human rights movement, we provide resources and expertise that assist partners to better address human rights directly and to approach social justice policy through a human rights lens.

Our advocacy efforts have included participation in the civil society “shadow reporting” process for the United States’ review before the international Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Lending our knowledge in the area of health disparities that disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities, we drafted and edited large segments of the health chapters of the coalition shadow reports created both nationally and in New York City, helping to paint a more complete picture for the Committee reviewing discrimination faced by Americans in their access to and quality of health care. We also provide legal and advocacy tools for human rights practitioners, such as our Human Rights in State Courts reference, a comprehensive 50-state review of both the successes and failures litigators have had in using international human rights law in state courts.

Combined, these new resources, knowledge, and training can help advocates insert human rights into national and local conversations about social justice issues, basic rights, and ensuring dignity and fairness for everyone.

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