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Immigration: Arts, Culture and Media 2010 - A Creative Change Report

The Opportunity Agenda launched this Immigration Arts and Culture Initiative with the goal of fostering arts, culture, and media activities that promote the inclusion, integration, and human rights of immigrants in the United States. The final element of this phase of the work is a research study to identify examples of arts, culture, and media projects that effectively move hearts and minds; break down prejudice; inspire community engagement; and, in the long term, encourage public support for the fair treatment and inclusion of immigrants in American society. A key outcome of the study is the identification of a pipeline of projects that could be brought to scale and/or considered for possible collaboration and support. This study, which was designed around a series of interviews and a survey to elevate best practices and compelling ideas, also includes a series of recommendations.

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Liz Manne of Work in Progress, who directed the research and co-authored our report Immigration Arts, Culture, and Media 2010, presented her findings on the burgeoning field of cultural strategies and share some key recommendations for those working at the intersection of immigration advocacy and the arts.

She was also joined by prominent immigration and arts leaders who discussed their recent projects. Favianna Rodriguez—an artist-activist, co-founder of, and an author of a forthcoming book on immigration and the arts, with a focus on Arizona—spoke about Trail of Dreams, a youth-led project in support of immigration reform. Eric Ward, National Field Director, Center for New Community, spoke about Show Racism the Red Card, a campaign to use sports to combat racism and bias.

Liz's Slides (PDF)
Favianna's Slides (PDF)
Eric's Slides (PDF)


The Opportunity Agenda has begun a focus on the integration of arts, cultural, and new media strategies that promote the inclusion, integration, and human rights of immigrants in the United States. Starting in late fall 2009, we plan to create an “infrastructure” of relationships, information, innovative practices, and funding opportunities that builds support for immigrant integration and human rights through arts, culture, and media. In the short term, we plan to inform and engage key audiences on the issue of anticipated national immigration reform and reforms to the immigration enforcement system. In the long term, we plan to develop best practices and effective models for creative collaboration across immigrant integration and human rights issues. In order to accomplish these initial objectives, we will:

  • Host a working group on immigration and arts + culture;
  • Produce an initial mapping of the field with a focus on promising uses of arts, culture, and new media as it relates to federal legislative reform, immigration detention and due process, immigrant integration, and related human rights issues;
  • Generate a pipeline of projects for possible collaboration and support;
  • Produce forums to educate and mobilize members of the creative community.

For more information, please contact Jason P. Drucker (

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