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The Opportunity Agenda’s report on immigration and gender analyzes mainstream and niche media coverage and public opinion research regarding issues at the intersection of immigration and gender.

As a group, immigrant women face challenges that are often overlooked in public discourse around other immigration concerns. Women often find themselves at the intersection of matters related to work, immigration status, family, and gender, affected by each of these in ways that are often ignored in the policy arena. To ensure that women’s concerns are included in conversations around immigration, we need to know how current discourse treats immigrant women, and how we can leverage existing opportunities, improve coverage, and shape discussions. We can then better draw attention to the specific issues faced by those who are both women and immigrants, and the solutions needed to address these concerns.

It is clear from this research that the American public is not yet receiving a balanced picture of the lives, contributions, aspirations, and challenges of the 20 million women living in the United States who are foreign-born. Advocates, policymakers, journalists, and others can promote a better informed public discourse that builds support for policies that encourage the full integration of this important constituency into U.S. society.