A Resource for Reporters

The Opportunity Agenda, in keeping with its six core values, works with a diverse range of partners and consultants to expand its message of opportunity and equality to a national audience through its work and outreach to mass and social media.  Our staff and partners are experts in research, advocacy and communications within the areas of home opportunity, immigration, arts and culture, racial justice, and the national will to expand opportunity to all those living within our borders.

The relationship we share with the press is an important one:  understanding the role media plays in framing the discussion around our core values, and respecting the work journalists take in presenting fair and balanced coverage.  A non-partisan progressive communications think tank, we are able to bring focus to social justice issues that are often bogged down in political spin, and we can put journalists in touch with leading voices around the issues we cover.

Our voice has been heard around the country, quoted in leading newspapers, with Op/Eds placed in local and national press, and broadcast interviews aired over dozens of syndicated, noncommercial and commercial outlets.  And our book, All Things Being Equal, continues to expand our messageon where improvements toward expanding opportunity are still neededto an ever-growing audience of progressives looking to reclaim the American Dream for every person.


If you are a member of the press and would like to arrange an interview with our issue experts, please contact: 

Ellen Braune
Director of Communications 
Tel: 212-334-5321