Special Projects and Past Work

Our work spans multiple issues and disciplines. In choosing projects, we consider the current political media landscape, public opinion, potential partners and how the work intersects with our core values. Examples of past work and special projects include:


Mapping Social Justice
Using web based mapping to promote health equity

Bridging the Racial Gap in Economic Opportunity
Promoting an economy that works for everyone in 2009


Opportunity Rising
Elevating social justice issues in an election year

Promoting Equal Opportunity
Affirmative action battles in Colorado and Nebraska

Telling the Opportunity Story
Some examples of our impact by working with other organizations across the country.


Promoting School Integration
Communications strategy around the Supreme Court Cases on school diversity

All Things Being Equal
Tracking opportunity in our book debut


Health and Opportunity in New York
Using a media moment to promote health care for all New Yorkers

The First Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
Addressing the neglect of our nation's promise of opportunity