Our new report, “A Window of Opportunity,” offers compelling public opinion and media research on poverty and poor people in America. It consists of three parts:

1. Public Opinion Analysis: We look at public opinion research on American attitudes towards poverty and poor people.
2. Media Analysis: This part examines U.S. mainstream media coverage of poverty, poor people, and poverty-related issues.
3. Social Media Scan: The scan reviews social media content and activity on poverty and poor people in the United States.

This new resource is designed to help advocates, policy makers, commentators, and others working to alleviate poverty. It includes clear and actionable recommendations on how the research can inform communications strategy and more.

Our Nation at a Crossroads

"A Window of Opportunity" finds our nation at a crossroads. More than at any other time in the past 50 years, Americans are ready to hear a new, more accurate story about poverty, and to take action to end it.

A Window for Change

The Great Recession, rising inequality, and grassroots activism have created new openings, and sparked new conversations about poverty. Understanding where public attitudes and media discourse are, and where they can go, will be crucial to generating support for solutions.

See how this report can help your work in the fight against poverty: 

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Read Report (PDF) | Read the Web Version


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