Public Opinion Monthly: Tracking Attitudes Toward Opportunity was conceptualized by Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis responding to the need for digestible insights into public opinion on social issues in an open-source platform. Public Opinion Monthly is a hub of public opinion research across issues for the U.S. human rights and social justice field, the press, and the public. Through synthesis and meta-analysis of public attitudes, it is intended to help build understanding and support for human rights and social justice in the U.S. The information is drawn by public polling organizations, media outlets, academic or research institutes, advocacy groups, and The Opportunity Agenda's own studies.

Understanding public opinion is the first step in successful advocacy: listening, deeply and fully, to the voices of those that you hope to influence. Responsible research yields insights that form the foundation of concise and targeted campaigns that can effectively move hearts, minds and policy to greater opportunity for all.
In-depth media content analysis is also critical to effective advocacy efforts given the media's essential role in shaping public opinion. Through newspaper, radio, television, and internet coverage of current events, the public not only receives information, but also narratives. Every piece tells a story, and the information that is emphasized or omitted has a powerful effect in shaping perceptions and attitudes.  Successful advocates understand that these narratives form the framework of public opinion, and they position their messages to either combat or reinforce them.

Public Opinion Monthly is part of The Opportunity Agenda’s broader initiative to keep the field updated on U.S. human rights and related social justice developments in Washington, DC, and around the country. The initiative is generously supported by The Libra Foundation.

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