Written and Performed by: Rha Goddess
Directed and Developed by: Chay Yew
Sound Design by: Manauvaskar Kublall

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In recognition of the historical significance of creative expression as a means to propel social change beyond the reach of traditional organizing, advocacy, and communications strategies, The Opportunity Agenda commissioned “Opportunity Now! Stories of Challenge and Inspiration from the Front Lines of Economic Recovery,” a bold and evocative performance by acclaimed hip-hop artist-activist Rha Goddess. Commissioned in celebration of our fifth anniversary, Opportunity Now! tells the challenging and inspirational stories of individuals facing barriers to opportunity in jobs, housing, and transportation.

Rha Goddess – award-winning artist, activist, and social entrepreneur – describes the development of the performance, noting, “I wanted to give voice to the stories often obscured by the facts and figures. My hope is that this performance provides greater access to the human impact of the crisis, which can often be lost in the complexity of political analysis. Opportunity Now! is meant to promote a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding economic recovery, while artistically and creatively inspiring viewers toward action.”

A commission made possible through support by Lambent Foundation and Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Jobs: In a moving and thought-provoking segment, Rha Goddess evokes the frustration of a man seeking redemption and work in a stalled economy.

Foreclosures: In a segment that mirrors the questions being asked by millions across our country, Rha Goddess portrays the confusion, challenges, and resolve of a woman struggling to prevent losing her home in foreclosure.


Transportation Equity: For anyone who’s ever wondered how transportation represents opportunity, Rha Goddess demonstrates a grandmother’s awakening to activism as she fights to maintain her family’s lifeline to work, school, and shopping.

Rha Goddess' "Opportunity Now! - Anthem's Advocate:" In the finale of the piece, an Advocates’ Anthem, the artistic and creative inspiration to action takes full voice. For more information

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Media Notice

Rha Goddess talks with The UpTake's Job Wheeler at 2011 Netroots Nation in Minneapolis. Courtesy of The UpTake


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