Creative Change Retreat 2010: A Retreat in Santa Fe at the Intersection of Arts and Social Justice

Creative Change 2010 is set to take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from August 23-27, 2010. We are especially grateful to the Foundation to Promote Open Society, Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Lambent Foundation, Time Warner Foundation, and anonymous donors for their financial support.

Based on the success of last year’s retreat, Creative Change 2010 will once again bring together a dedicated and inspiring group of artists, advocates, funders, and media makers to explore issues and solutions at the intersection of arts and social justice. For a full list of participants, see below.

If you have not already returned your registration materials, please download information here and return it to

Creative Change is an invitation-only event, for more information please contact Jason P. Drucker at

Photos from Creative Change 2010

The Creative Change Program
The Creative Change 2010 Program is now available. Download it here.

What to Bring
Santa Fe is located at approximately 7,000 ft above sea level. Because of the risk of sunburn you are advised to bring sunscreen and lip balm, a hat or sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glare.

Temperatures can fluctuate between the mid 50s and low 90s in a single day, so dress in layers. Also, brief afternoon thunderstorms are not unusual at this time of year and we advise participants to come prepared for possible rainfall.

The Opportunity Agenda will email participants a selection of articles that we appreciate you taking the time to read prior to Creative Change. The reading material, that will also be available on this page, will set the tone for the retreat, build a shared vernacular and inspire opening discussions.

Pre-Reading for Creative Change 2010
We have selected a set of diverse articles as “pre-reading” for Creative Change 2010. They are attached here as a PDF. Our hope is that these pieces will help set the context for some of our conversations:

  1. “The Creativity Stimulus,” Jeff Chang
  2. “Artists Engaging in Social Change,” Pam Korza and Barbara Schaffer Bacon
  3. “Mobile Internet Use Shrinks Digital Divide,” Jenna Wortham
  4. “Tales from New Orleans,” Emily Stokes
  5. “Musicians Differ in Responses to Arizona’s New Immigration Law,” Larry Rother
  6. “Hollywood Turns Focus to Immigration,” Ted Johnson
  7. "FCC 'Net Neutrality' Rules Would Keep the Web Free for Speech and Trade," Andrew Jay Schwartzman
  8. "Wringing Art Out of the Rubble in Detroit," Melena Ryzik
  9. "Web Plan From Google and Verizon Is Criticized," Claire Cain Miller and Miguel Helft
  10. "FCC Ends Talks for Deal on Net Neutrality," Cecilia Kang

Also, please consider reading Enchantment and Exploitation by William deBuys for more context about northern New Mexico.

When You Arrive
Private transportation will take participants from Santa Fe and Albuquerque airports to the La Posada hotel. Space on each shuttle is limited, so if your travel plans change, please notify

List of Participants
Emily Accamando, The Opportunity Agenda
Caron Atlas, Arts & Democracy Project
Bryonn Bain, Blackout Arts Collective
Ann Beeson, Open Society Institute
Janet Dewart Bell, The Opportunity Agenda
Denise Brown, Leeway Foundation
Shannon Brunette, Lambent Foundation
Allan Buchman, Culture Project
Jeff Chang, Writer
Katy Chevigny, Arts Engine
Mel Chin, Conceptual Artist
Michelle Coffey, Lambent Foundation
Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategies
Jean Cook, Future of Music
Delia de la Vara, National Council of La Raza
Eleni Delimpaltadaki, The Opportunity Agenda
Amalia Deloney, Center for Media Justice
Tim Dorsey, Open Society Institute
Jason P. Drucker, The Opportunity Agenda
Bruce Ferguson, American University in Cairo
Ken Foster, Yerba Buena Arts Center
Rha Goddess, Move the Crowd
Taryn Higashi, Unbound Philanthropy
Micky Hingorani, The Opportunity Agenda
Ian Inaba,
Sarah Ingersoll, Independent Consultant
Alan Jenkins, The Opportunity Agenda
Judi Jennings, The Kentucky Foundation
Diane Karp, Santa Fe Art Institute
Sally Kohn, Movement Vision Lab
Brian Komar, Center for American Progress
Wayne Kramer, Jail Guitar Doors
Nishat Kurwa, Youth Radio
Jenny Lee, Allied Media Projects
Liz Manne, Work in Progress
Alexis McGill, Americans for American Values
Cara Mertes, Sundance Institute
Taij Moteelall, Media Sutra
Martin Perna, Ocote Soul Sounds/Antibalas
Frances Pollitzer, The Opportunity Agenda
Erin Potts, Air Traffic Control
Lori Pourier, First Peoples Fund
Estevan Rael-Gálvez, National Hispanic Cultural Center
Steven Renderos, Main Street Project
Laurie Jo Reynolds, OSI Fellow in Criminal Justice
Ryan Rice, Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
Gibran Rivera, Interaction Institute for Social Change
Catalina Ruiz-Healy, Catalista
Yosi Sergant, Task Force
Kim Snyder, Filmmaker
Lynn Stern, Surdna Foundation
Rulan Tangen, Dancing Earth
Loris Taylor, Native Public Media
Juhu Thukral, The Opportunity Agenda
Jenny Toomey, Ford Foundation
Anasa Troutman, Movement Strategy Center
Elon James White, This Week in Blackness
Tim Wilkins, Freshfields
Roger Ross Williams, Filmmaker