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Thirteen Things America Can Do to Stop Foreclosures and Fulfill the American Dream

Access to an affordable home under fair and sustainable terms is crucial to our economic security and central to the American Dream. But misconduct by banks and lenders, inadequate rules and enforcement, and record unemployment rates are robbing millions of Americans of their homes and security while ravaging whole communities and holding back our national recovery.

Clear solutions exist that prevent foreclosures and restore communities today while repairing the American Dream into the future. We call upon policymakers, the banking and lending industry, and everyday Americans to adopt or demand the following solutions to our housing crisis. Click here to read more (PDF).

Supporting Occupy Wall Street

The Opportunity Agenda continues to support the Occupy Wall Street movement’s call for greater and more equal economic opportunity and democratic voice. The impact of this movement is being felt not only at Zuccotti Park and other public spaces in the United States, but also on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and increasingly around the world. It has the potential not only to change our policies and politics, but to help fulfill our nation’s values and restore the American Dream.

Those who say they don’t understand what Occupy Wall Street protestors want fail to understand the movement’s true nature. Despite not having a structured manifesto, their shared desires are very clear: They seek honest work that pays a decent, living wage; accountability for the financial institutions that wrecked our economy; a political system in which everyone has an equal voice and vote; and an affordable college education, to name a few. To learn more about our insights on Occupy Wall Street, take a look at the following links:

The Adventures of Unemployed Man and Occupy Halloween

  • Daily Kos, "The Adventures of Unemployed Man-One of the Best Books Ever on the Economy," June 6, 2012.
  • The New York Times interviewed Creative Change alumnus Gan Golan and the Occupy Wall Street protesters for the Halloween parade. 
  • "Master of Degrees," a character in Gan Golan and Erich Origen’s graphic novel The Adventures of Unemployed Man, has captured the attention of media and progressive organizations alike. CBS News interviewed “Master of Degrees,” portrayed by Gan in full costume, at the Occupy DC rally earlier in October, calling him the best representation of both the American Dream and the Occupy Wall Street movements.
  • Gan Golan, Biko Baker, and Michelle Miller participated in a panel discussion facilitated by our Creative Fellow Betsy Richards, “Cultural Organizing: How Hip Hop, Superheroes and Digital Shorts Can Hyper-Charge the American Dream Movement” during the Take Back the American Dream conference in Washington, D.C, about their respective projects on economic justice. To read more about Gan's interview with Campus Progress about the panel, click here.
  • On Halloween morning, heroes-for-hard-times Unemployed Man, Wondermother, The Master of Degrees, Zilch and others went to Liberty Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall St. movement, to confront corporate corruption and lawlessness. Want to know more about The Adventures of Unemployed Man? Watch the video below! 

The Adventures of Unemployed Man from Unemployed Man on Vimeo.

Occupy Halloween On the News

Read the following articles on Occupy Halloween's performance during the Village Parade:

Here's another video about Occupy Halloween

#Occupy Wall Street Halloween from Scott on Vimeo.

On the same day Mitt Romney delivered his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, the massive super villain known as "Bain" appeared in New York City to offer his endorsement. Meet Bain, the new super villain. Read more about it here.