Equal opportunity is a core national value, and Americans strongly believe that it should not be hindered by race, gender, ethnicity, or other aspects of who we are. However, while inequalities persist across a range of issues, the public is increasingly skeptical of the existence of racial discrimination in particular. We need new and better ways to talk about equal opportunity and diversity, and the barriers that hamper them.

New Public Opinion Research on Opportunity for Black Men and Boys

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Media Images and Public Opinion on Black Men and Boys Research

Images of black men and boys in the media overall are a distortion of reality in a variety of ways, as extensive audits conducted by scholars and researchers over the years show. To combat these media images and improve black men and boys' opportunities, The Opportunity Agenda conducted three studies, which have been powerful tools in the hands of advocates, communicators, media makers, academics and others who are working toward a more fair and accurate portrayal of black males in the media.