Tools & Resources

We produce a range of communications, legal, advocacy and research tools.  To search tools by subject, you can click on the appropriate term in the tag cloud to the left.  To search by type, you can click on the headings below or on the appropriate term in the tag cloud on the lower left.  For a complete list of all our tools and resources, please click here.

Public Opinion Monthly
Public Opinion Monthly is part of The Opportunity Agenda’s broader initiative to keep the field updated on U.S. human rights and related social justice developments in Washington, DC, and around the country. The initiative is generously supported by The Libra Foundation.

Legal Analysis 
In collaboration with our partners in the advocacy and legal fields, we seek to track and analyze best practices in both the practice of the law and creation of new law. This research and analysis is presented both as tools or applied directly to assist advocates who are expanding opportunity through new laws.   

Media Research 
We perform in-depth media research, identifying prominent narratives and determining which demographic groups are most likely to be receiving them.  This information is distributed to social justice organizations and leaders, creating a context within which advocacy efforts can be most effective. 

Policy Briefs and Research Reports
We translate research and analyze law and policy to create clear, communicable, policy-relevant tools and resources for advocates and policymakers. Our work in this area includes mining and analysis of new applied research, producing accessible reports, fact sheets and briefings, and working with partners to integrate the resulting information into their work.  

Public Opinion Research
Through a variety of techniques, including original survey research, cluster analysis, and focus groups, we team with social justice organizations and leaders to build a quantifiable understanding of how communications targets think, feel, and talk about critical values, ideas, and policies. 

Talking Points
We use research on values, public opinion, media, and framing, as well as conversations with everyday people, to understand public attitudes and craft strategies for influencing the public debate. Focusing on deeply held values like opportunity, community, and redemption, we identify and sharpen common narratives to increase support for expanding opportunity in America.