Lucy Odigie-Turley

Opinion and Media Research Coordinator


Lucy Odigie-Turley is the Opinion and Media Research Coordinator with The Opportunity Agenda. Lucy is an experienced communication researcher with training in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, as well as more recent social media research techniques. In her role, she is responsible for conducting and organizing multi-methods research to assess dominant media narratives and public opinion across Opportunity Agenda’s issue areas. She also works to identify new data sources, methods, and analytical tools.

Before joining the Opportunity Agenda, her work focused on digital activism, specifically the use of new media and communication technologies within marginalized communities. As part of her doctoral dissertation, Lucy examined new media technology use among domestic workers in New York City, and with funding from the Social Science Research Council, conducted a preliminary study which evaluated the digital communication strategies of Domestic Workers United, a non-profit serving the needs to domestic workers around the U.S. In undertaking this work, Lucy aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by focusing on the strategies that low-wage workers have adopted to offset the structural barriers they face.

Over the last few years, Lucy has gained experience as a researcher and teaching assistant at both the School of Communication at American University and the Department Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. In her time at Fordham University, she worked with faculty on a collaborative project exploring online hate speech on Reddit; currently one the most utilized websites in North America. This research project set out to explore the nature of hate-based communities; what motivates member’s participation, and the central narratives that emerge within these spaces. The central aim of this research was to gain a better understanding of the causes of hate speech and in doing so, identify practical interventions and programs.

Lucy holds a M.A. from New York University in Africana Studies with a concentration in Global Journalism, and a B.A. in English from Queen Mary, University of London. She is currently completing her PhD in Communications at American University (Washington, DC).