The Amp

At The Opportunity Agenda, we believe that Americans have more than enough ingenuity and compassion to eliminate poverty, and its continued presence violates our fundamental values. Today large majorities in the U.S. want to see greater action to end poverty. At the same time, too many Americans still lack even the most basic economic foothold.

The Amp is The Opportunity Agenda’s home for news, resources, research, and events for social justice leaders committed to tackling poverty in the U.S. at its intersection with racial justice. Through this hub, we coordinate and amplify communications, messaging, and advocacy, to offer a clear, compelling, and achievable vision for moving past poverty and achieving equity.

The Amp covers:

  • Emerging Issues: By staying one step ahead of the most pressing issues, we can shape the debate to focus on practical solutions that improve the lives of people living in poverty.
  • Upcoming Media Hooks and Events: Poverty is deeply but often invisibly ingrained in American life, and focusing Americans’ attention on it requires a consistent drumbeat of timely, relevant communications.
  • How People are Discussing Poverty and Race Online: We have our fingers on the pulse of the digital landscape, where an increasing number of Americans get their news and form their opinions.
  • Additional Resources: We collect the latest and best communications and advocacy tools on poverty produced by social justice leaders here.

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Crimson Hexagon Overview

Discover how people are talking about the intersection of poverty and race online in real time to help shape and craft dynamic messaging for your advocacy efforts. Using Crimson Hexagon, a leading social media analytics software which provides access to content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, popular blogs, news sites, and more, The Amp provides daily insights into the volume, sentiment, and demographics of audiences engaging in online discussions about race and poverty.

Topic Wheel Bubbles

This visualization represents the specific topics and phrases that are currently dominating online discussions of race and poverty. The larger the bubble, the more prominent a topic/phrase is within the overall online conversation.


The pie chart below provides a breakdown of the current tone of online conversations at the intersection of race and poverty. Crimson Hexagon's sentiment analysis categorizes social media content into positive, neutral, and negative sentiments based on the language and context of social media posts.

Follow the Conversation

Using a combination of geo-tagged coordinates from mobile devices, users’ profile/bio information, time zones, and languages, Crimson Hexagon is able tell us where the conversation on a particular issue is taking place. The charts below shows the volume of social media posts about race and poverty generated in each state.

Volume of Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts by State


Crimson’s algorithm makes use of samples of online profiles with identifiable gender, age, and race variables to provide demographic estimates of audiences engaging in particular online discussions. The charts below provides estimates of the age and gender of audiences currently engaging in online discussions about poverty and race.