Culture as a Powerful Force for Moving Hearts & Minds

Since its inception, The Opportunity Agenda has seen culture as a powerful force for moving hearts, minds and policies toward equal opportunity in America. Through our Creative Change Initiative, we convene, connect and support artists, media makers and advocates to come together and develop a shared vision and a coordinated set of strategies for achieving positive social change.

Working at the Intersection of Arts + Activism + Social Justice

Creative Change creates space for collaboration, strengthening the work of our advocates and allowing artists and media makers to make an impact on the issues that matter to them. Our priorities include: 

Convening & Connecting: Hosting the Creative Change Retreat and Regional Strategy Sessions that bring together artists, media makers and advocates. In addition, we work to build our alumni network to help arts and social justice work reach the public sphere.

Supporting: Working to support a select set of artists, leaders and organizations through: Creative Fellow, Artist Commissions (Rha Goddess and Gan Golan), Creative Change Awards and arts and social change partnerships.

Research, Training, and Analysis: Linking The Opportunity Agenda's communications and research resources to cultural constituencies.

Talking Points and Messaging Memos

Research and Reports