The Opportunity Agenda, our partners, and our nation believe in affordable housing, access to sustainable homeownership for communities of color and working-class families, and the right to benefit from community assets regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, and sexual orientation or identity. When we respect and uphold these values, the entire community and nation prosper.

In the last few years, we and our partners have made significant contributions toward realizing these values. Recently, we’ve seen pivotal nominations to federal agencies that can help make homeownership accessible. The Obama administration reiterated that the Fair Housing Act prohibits the exclusion of people based on race, gender, or other characteristics, via housing policies that have a disparate impact. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed regulations that strengthen the existing federal obligation to promote equal opportunity through fair housing – in order to address segregation, concentrated poverty, and unequal access to housing, good schools, good jobs, and a healthy and sustainable environment.

Still, many people do not have the opportunities that we all value as a nation. Countless communities of color and low-income families have not benefited from the economic recovery. After a lifetime of work, too many Americans still find affordable rent and mortgages to be out of reach.

There is much more work ahead to make sustainable homeownership a reality in many communities and to make affordable housing accessible to working families. As a nation, we must ensure fair housing that includes all communities, which will benefit us all. Some of the steps toward this goal include: ensuring that the Obama administration takes steps toward accessible homeownership; making sure that civil rights laws are strictly enforced; and supporting states and cities that are taking bold action to propose and implement innovative housing solutions

To join this work, please email Eva-Marie Malone, our Home Opportunity Coordinator, at emmalone [at] opportunityagenda [dot] org. For other resources, read our online communications toolkit and policy recommendations.


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