Preserving the Promise of Opportunity for New Americans

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The Opportunity Agenda works to expand communications that build positive support for immigration policies to chip away at harmful anti-immigration trend. Our work includes media scans of immigration coverage in mainstream print and broadcast, online, Spanish and Chinese-language, and African American outlets, as well as around specific issues such as language acquisition and children of immigrants. We also monitor public opinion, providing meta-analyses of current polling and focus group data to identify trends in public thinking.

We produce communications tools such as talking points and model media materials for advocates to use in their pro-immigration media work. Finally, we lead field training on messaging and media communications for immigration allies in the social justice field around the country, with a focus on human rights in the American South and the southern border region. The emphasis is on designing, conducting, and evaluating trainings on messaging, media readiness, oral presentation, and other communications skills with a wide range of advocates, policymakers, artists, and other social justice leaders.

Reports, Memos and Case Studies

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