A Commonsense Approach: Immigration Policy Solutions 

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While many Americans are frustrated with our immigration policies, research and experience show that it’s not enough to focus only on the problems with our current policies. We also need to paint a picture of what the country would look like with workable, commonsense policies in place.

The Opportunity Agenda has updated and released six immigration policy solutions tools for advocates to use in talking about a broad spectrum of issues relating to immigrants and immigration, based on a shared narrative organized around three separate, but complementary, themes: a Commonsense Approach; Upholding Our Nation’s Values; and Moving Us Forward Together. These documents offer policy solutions to the Departments of Homeland Security and Labor, Congress, and state and local governments in the areas of border enforcement, promoting family unity, due process and fair treatment under the law, policing of immigration and public safety, upholding worker's rights, and a roadmap to citizenship. The solutions tools also outline examples of social media messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo by Nevele Otseog (Flickr/CC BY 2.0) 

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