Our webinars provide practical communications guidance for social justice leaders looking to more effectively advocate and advance their issues. Our expert panelists share how they apply values-based messaging into their organizational messaging and tell an affirmative story about the communities they serve and represent.

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Telling a Proactive Story: Messaging on Economic Opportunity In Challenging Times

As advocates, we’re faced every day with misleading, inaccurate, and untruthful political and media statements about people living in poverty. With midterm elections in less than a month, the “economy” is constantly in the headlines. The best way to counter false information is to tell our own affirmative story in a way that overcomes the other side’s falsehoods. By contrast, we should avoid myth busting, or restating the false argument and then explaining why it’s wrong.

Join our webinar to learn how to counter inaccurate information by telling a new story about the American economy that offers real-world solutions for families facing insecurity. Guest speaker Elaine Mejia of The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities will share how she helps state partners craft compelling messages that avoid jargon, address racial justice, and provide effective solutions for specific audiences. The webinar will end with an open Q&A to address your individual questions and messaging obstacles.

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