This study analyzed African-American men’s media consumption habits. It investigates a wide range of national and regional media platforms to provide insights into how African-American men consume media. It identified which media sources are likely to have the greatest impact on the thinking and attitudes of this segment of the American population and offers a series of recommendations about where interventions may be most fruitful.

This study examined specifically five media platforms — television, magazines, online outlets, newspapers, and radio — nationally or regionally, depending on the reach of market. Regionally, it focuses on five of the top six designated market areas (DMA), also known as media markets, with the largest black populations: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles.

This research was conducted by Marc Kerschhagel, edited by Janet Dewart Bell and Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis, and designed by Christopher Moore of The Opportunity Agenda.

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