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Using our Voices to Build Community, Dignity and Safety for All

New York, NY – Today, the nation welcomes President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the United States at a time of deep anguish and great promise.

In welcoming this new era of possibilities, The Opportunity Agenda has partnered with Amplifier to create “We Can Thrive Together,” a values-based discussion guide with commissioned artwork to inspire a national conversation about creating the economy that we deserve, and that we know can be achieved. Already distributed to 15,000 teachers across the country for their online curricula, the guide and art are available for community groups and individuals to welcome this new era.

We celebrate today’s inauguration, and look forward to working with advocates, community organizers, teachers, students, cultural strategists and artists to Go Beyond with determination and hope.

The Opportunity Agenda issued the following statement:

Today, the American people turned our ship of state in a new direction.

More people than ever before made their voices heard and chose President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and new representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to lead our nation into an era of possibilities.

The Opportunity Agenda believes that we can thrive together. Making the most of this moment, and of the coming years will require a major re-orientation of our expectations about what is possible. This moment calls for more than legislation – it calls for a cultural reset – a shift toward expansive thinking and hope, that will create the conditions for the policies we truly deserve.

For four years, the White House and former administration have served as the center of violent white nationalism and billionaire cronyism run amok. And for four years, communities and activists across the country have stood on the shoulders of their ancestors and those who came before them and demanded racial justice, health equity, community safety, accountability, and have organized for an economy that works for all people.

While we grieve the millions of lives lost in the United States and around the world to the COVID pandemic and take stock of the damage done by the last president, The Opportunity Agenda team is hopeful about the days and years ahead. We are proud to join community organizations nationwide in helping our country make the shift from despair toward the brightness of hope.

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