2021 Communications Institute: Go Beyond

From February 23-25, 2021, The Opportunity Agenda held its 2021 Remote Communications Institute, embracing the new, ever-changing circumstances we’ve found ourselves in to offer social justice leaders the latest, most innovative approaches in virtual communications, narrative and messaging development, digital media, and online organizing.

In this difficult time, when we continue to find ourselves pulled toward the call to action, yet face the constant challenges of navigating virtual spaces, we recognize the essential need to provide advocates, activists, and cultural strategists with an online learning and convening space where they can be trained in the latest communication and narrative practices. That is why this year, the Communications Institute stepped up to the challenge to Go Beyond by going remote.

The Remote Communications Institute is an invite-only fellowship that brought together a cohort of 20 social justice leaders to engage in a comprehensive online curriculum. Fellows learned the latest best practices in a variety of communications skills, including:

  • Narrative and Messaging to Persuade and Activate Audiences
  • Media Strategy to Engage Effectively with your Target Media Outlets
  • Refining Your Power as a Spokesperson
  • Broadcast Media Appearances Preparedness

We are proud to recognize the incredible talent, resilience and fortitude of this year’s Fellows, who have faced an unprecedented year of challenges, hardships, and trauma, but also moments of great success and joy in their work. They are the true leaders of the historical moment we find ourselves in, and we are beyond privileged to be supporting them in their endeavors.

Meet the 2021 Fellows