Juanita Monsalve

Juanita MonsalveJuanita A. Monsalve is a cultural, creative, and digital strategist working for the freedom of all communities of color. As Senior Marketing and Creative Director of United We Dream (UWD) and United We Dream Action, she leads the network’s digital engagement of members, communication strategies, and narrative and culture change strategies to build the power of undocumented people in the U.S.. Juanita was the lead digital strategist for the Home is Here campaign, which led to the win of DACA at the Supreme Court. Previously, as UWD’s Creative and Digital Director, she ensured that the voices and leadership of UWD members were seen and heard in online spaces. Her work has catapulted the creative voice and digital presence of UWD – more than doubling UWD’s online membership. Juanita manages UWD’s team of social justice innovators and creatives, and has built vibrant online communities, raised millions of dollars, and created iconic designs which have motivated people to action on everything from t-shirts to a Times Square billboard.



United We Dream

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