The Opportunity Agenda’s Creative Change Innovation Fellowship was an invitation-only pilot program intended to support a cohort of leading-edge storytellers during a six-month period (September 2020 – February 2021) as they created, imagined, and empowered us with what’s possible.

During a moment of crisis for racial justice, public health, the economy, and our body politic, The Opportunity Agenda was grateful to be able to partner with artists and cultural strategists to help envision a new beginning for inclusivity, healing, and justice in our democracy. We believe that creative vision is essential to helping us rise up and become the country we aspire to be.

The fellowship aimed to give each artist/cultural strategist an opportunity to 1) focus their efforts on projects that support an affirmative, creative vision for a more inclusive, just democracy and 2) gather field members to collaborate on, discuss and/or amplify their work.

Meet the Fellows