Sage CrumpSage Crump is an artist, culture strategist, and facilitator who expands and deepens the work of cultural workers/arts organizations in social justice organizing and supports social justice organizations in understanding the role art and culture can play in movement building. Based in New Orleans but working nationally, Sage believes in leveraging art, creative practice, and the cultural sector to transform systemic oppressions. Sage is a member of Complex Movements, a Detroit-based artist collective whose interdisciplinary work supports local and translocal visionary organizing. She is principal and co-founder of The Kinfolks Effect (TKE) Studios, an incubation space for multimedia interdisciplinary artwork that examines the movement of Blackness through time and space. Sage is also the Program Specialist for Leveraging a Network for Equity (LANE) at the National Performance Network and the Architect of Emergent Strategies Ideation Institute, a body that shapes the way movements think about and go about transforming the world we live in. She is board chair for Media Justice, Art2Action, and a member of Alternate ROOTS. Sage’s work incorporates complex sciences, emergent strategy, and creative practice to imagine the world we want to live in and builds strategies and practices that will get us there.


How does the Creative Change Innovation Fellowship support your goals as an artist/cultural worker?

Culture is comprised of complex systems that intersect and how we see, understand and engage with the world around us. In this pandemic and revolutionary moment, we are experiencing a cultural disruption unlike anything we have experienced in recent history. This provides both challenge and opportunity. While we are managing deep grief as the fissures in systems of this culture are made undeniably visible, we can also be poised to plant into the soil that has been more deeply broken.

My project for the Creative Change Innovation Fellowship is a toolkit that can support people organizing for change to think through the systems that comprise culture in order to have more clarity and intention about what is being built. This tool is designed to make visible the relationship between the intimate/incremental and the expansive and help frame interventions and imagining that hold both of these. It will help us be aware of how past, present and future influence transformation to a more just society.

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