Brenda Lozano

Brenda LozanoBrenda Lozano is the older daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, and uses she/her/they/them pronouns. She was born and raised in Oklahoma City and has a younger brother. Her greatest passion is community organizing, a skill that she first learned at home. Her mother, who was a single mother due to the inhumane carceral system and deportation pipeline, taught her children that people power is the prevailing power. It was at home that Brenda learned to fight for her community against oppressive systems. In turn, her community has given her strength and support in continuing to live her dreams. Brenda currently serves as the Executive Director of Dream Action Oklahoma, the only youth and queer-led immigrant rights organization in the state. She is also in her second semester at OCU LAW. Her favorite pastime is drinking lots of coffee with her fellow freedom fighters & having conversations on creating a more just society. She also enjoys spending time with dogs, even though she doesn’t actually have one.


Dream Action Oklahoma

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