Nando AlvarezNando Alvarez is an Ecuadorian artist based in Washington DC. As a Latinx immigrant, he tries to connect a wide range of experiences and traditions into an always developing language to talk about the profound crisis we are in, trying to put the human being at the center of his narrative. His work combines and experiments with various mediums and platforms, such as screen-printing, painting, digital illustration, murals, photography, etc.He has worked closely with local communities and organizations to create art for transformation, to accompany their struggle for social justice. His core belief is that art is at the center of the human experience and has the potential to transform individuals and whole societies because art can open the future. Nando recently has served as an artist in residence for Empower DC, a local grassroots organization and was awarded with the Arts and Humanities Fellowship 2022 by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

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