Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an important time to talk about racial justice and economic opportunity with your community. The separation of immigrant families, impacts of discriminatory policing and mass incarceration, and cultural attacks on LGBTQ+ communities can make this a hard and heavy day for many. Talk about the need to protect family unity and inclusively celebrate all families on this date. Focus on the values of opportunity, safety, and equity. 

Tribeca Film Festival

The 2023 Tribeca Festival takes place June 7-18 in New York City. The Tribeca Festival is one of the major film festivals held annually and includes not only film premieres and competitions but also live performances in music and industry talks on film, television, audio storytelling, and music. The festival offers both in-person and virtual passes or tickets. Cite the values of voice and opportunity when discussing the importance of pop culture and media to shifting narratives on social issues. 

Immigrant Heritage Month

First celebrated in June 2014, Immigrant Heritage Month celebrates the social, cultural, and economic contributions of immigrants to the United States. Powered by FWD.us Education Fund, this annual event aims to drive affirmative narratives by encouraging immigrants and allies to share their stories and drive action in their communities. Reference the values of opportunity, community, and voice.

Trump’s Muslim Ban

Today is the anniversary of President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” executive order which barred the entry of nationals and refugees from 11 Muslim-majority nations. The Supreme Court later upheld a similar, updated ban. The Biden administration rescinded the policy as one of its first executive actions following the inauguration, but the date reminds us of our ongoing work to counter xenophobia and replace it with policies and narratives to welcome immigrants and refugees. When discussing this anniversary, cite the values of Voice, Community, and Economic Security. 

Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols

On this day in 2019, the Trump administration announced implementation of the “Migrant Protection Protocols” (better known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy) for asylum-seekers arriving at the U.S./Mexico border. In December, the Biden administration reached an agreement with Mexico to restart the program and has continued to employ the controversial Title 42 law to rapidly expel people seeking asylum at our border. Combined, these practices offend our legal and moral obligations to protect human rights through providing safe, effective processes for people to seek protection before immigration judges. Cite the values of Voice, Equality, and Community on this date. 

Right to Privacy: Roe v. Wade

NWLC Joins Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Case Challenging Texas SB 8 Abortion Ban – National Women’s Law CenterSiOn this day in 1973, the Supreme Court upheld the “right to privacy” in the case of Roe v. Wade, protecting a pregnant woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Nearly 50 years later, reproductive justice faces significant threats, from Texas’ SB8 to the pending Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. When talking about this anniversary, cite the values of Economic Security, Voice, and Equality. 

National Day of Racial Healing

Today is the National Day of Racial Healing, an opportunity for people, organizations and communities across the United States to “forge deep, meaningful relationships, lay the groundwork to transform broken systems” and create change. Visit W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s dedicated event website for conversation guides and toolkits tailored to students, philanthropy, business leaders and more. Cite the values of Community, Equality, and Economic Security on this day. 

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human Trafficking Awareness Day is an opportunity to draw more attention to forced labor, debt bondage, involuntary servitude, and sex trafficking affecting thousands of men, women, and children in the U.S. and around the world. This year’s commemoration comes roughly a month after VICE News reported on one of the largest investigations of “modern-day slavery” impacting migrant laborers in South Georgia. Refer to the values of Voice, Economic Security, and Equality when discussing human trafficking. 

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