The Amp: Celebrating the Leadership of Black Women

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold confirmation hearings in late March for The Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Her story – and eventual confirmation — marks a historic moment to celebrate in our nation’s journey towards greater opportunity and equal justice for all.

The importance of Judge Brown Jackson’s nomination to break down barriers of systemic racism and sexism in our government and its threat to white supremacy has already resulted in dehumanizing and undermining attacks on her character. To contextualize the significance of this moment for the future of our country, we must uplift:

  • The value Judge Brown Jackson’s distinguished legal career will add to the Supreme Court as it makes key decisions impacting equal rights;
  • The important perspectives Judge Brown Jackson brings because of her experiences and knowledge that is new and currently unrepresented on the High Court; and
  • The powerful message of opportunity Judge Brown Jackson’s nomination, and confirmation, sends to Black women and women of color who strive toward greatness despite the systemic hurdles and prejudices that they experience.

As you talk about Judge Brown Jackson’s nomination, lean on our quick tips and the resources below. Look for opportunities to connect her story to the countless Black women whose leadership and brilliance strengthen our systems of government, and lead with the shared values of Equal Justice, Diversity, and Opportunity.

Messaging guidance:


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