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February 2023

Black History Month, the NBA All-Star game, and State of the Union. During February While Black History Month is officially commemorated during February, we honor Black history and celebrate Black excellence and futures year-round. This month — and into March — opportunities abound for telling an affirmative story about racial j...

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January 2023

Poverty Awareness Month, MLK Day, the Sundance Film Festival, and more. During January January is Poverty Awareness Month, when the Catholic community urges Americans to “take up Pope Francis’ challenge to live in solidarity with the poor.” Use this month to discuss poverty with your audiences and cite the values of commun...

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December 2022

World AIDS Day, International Day for People with Disabilities, International Volunteer Day During December In December 1850, abolitionist Harriet Tubman engineered her first rescue mission as part of the Underground Railroad. The exact date is unknown. Tubman organized 13 rescues in which she led about 70 people to freedom. Tub...

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November 2022

National Caregivers Month, Native American Heritage Month, and Transgender Awareness Week. During November During National Family Caregivers Month, it’s important to discuss the central role governments play in supporting caregivers. The COVID-19 pandemic added both clarity and urgency to create more comprehensive and equitable...

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October 2022

LGBTQI+ History Month, Filipino American History Month, Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month, and Indigenous Peoples Day. During October October is See Us, Support Us Month which raises awareness and amplifies the voices of children with incarcerated parents. Led by the Osborne Association and partners, this year’s theme focuses...

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