We Stand With You, #JusticeOutLoud

by Ellen Buchman, The Opportunity Agenda

The systemic racism that has driven so much violence against the Black community has led us, yet again, to a breaking point. The dehumanizing policies, language and actions of this administration and so many police departments around the country, the tragedy of COVID-19 and its toll on Black and brown people in the United States, and a long history of violence and systemic racism has revealed grief and anger that has become too much to bear.

The Opportunity Agenda will do all that is in our power to call for #JusticeOutLoud at this moment, and always. We demand that our country do better. We demand accountability from police, elected officials, and others who are responsible for keeping us all safe. We implore those with power and position to address the systemic injustices that have proliferated in our country since its founding. And we share our deep sympathy with the families of those whose lives have been lost.

We stand with those who are taking to the streets to call for justice – for themselves and for future generations. We insist upon reaching for a new normal, one in which everyone in this country experiences the full dignity and respect we all deserve by virtue of our humanity. We will continue – and heighten – our work to uplift the voices of the unheard and unheeded, to end the racial injustice that permeates society and the violence against Black bodies being protested today. We call for #JusticeOutLoud. 

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