Natalicia Tracy

Natalicia TracyNatalicia Tracy has been Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center (BIC), the New England Region’s largest Portuguese-speaking workers center, for two years. Before becoming Executive Director, she was Secretary of the BIC board from 2006-2010. Natalicia has long experience as an organizer and leader within many sectors of the Brazilian community. She is also a Ph.D candidate in sociology at Boston University, writing her dissertation on “Immigration Policy and Mixed-Status Families: A Comparative Study of Brazilian Immigrants in the Metropolitan Areas of Boston, Massachusetts and Lisbon, Portugal.” Her work includes attention to the intersection of race, transnationalism, and immigration policy. She teaches sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and has long experience in evaluation research projects at Brown University, UMass Boston, and Harvard examining health and education of immigrants. Her dedication to BIC’s domestic worker organizing project builds on her own past work experience in the home health and childcare fields.

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