Shena Gutierrez

Shena GutierrezShena Gutierrez has dedicated her life to advocating for social change and laying the foundation to shift America’s conversation about law enforcement, in particular holding Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the largest law-enforcement agency in the nation, accountable. On March 30, 2011, Shena’s husband, José Gutierrez, was brutally beaten by CBP agents near a port of entry in Southern Arizona. Since this tragedy, which her husband survived, Shena has become a spokesperson for border communities and victims of border patrol abuse, leading several delegations of border residents to meet with federal policy makers. As a result of Shena’s and other CBP abuse victims’ relentless efforts, President Obama has allocated funds for CBP to equip agents with body-worn cameras, a step toward meaningful oversight and accountability. As a mother and wife, Shena inspires and educates border communities about their rights. She often shares her struggle with community members, family organizations, and legal professionals. Shena believes that sharing her family’s story might open up more eyes, more hearts, and create more awareness. Through these conversations, she gains more strength and seeks to help other victims gain more strength.

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