Jonathan Jayes-Green

Jonathan Jays-Green headshotJonathan Jayes-Green is an organizer, speaker, strategist, and believer. He’s a queer undocumented Afro-Panamanian and one of the co-founders of the UndocuBlack Network. Jonathan received his Associate’s degree from Montgomery College and his bachelor’s degree from Goucher College. He comes into this work having served as liaison and advocate of the Latinx and Caribbean communities in the office of the Governor of Maryland, having won state-wide legislative fights like the Dream Act and marriage equality, and having supported a women of color-owned small business in its growth and development. Jonathan’s work and voice has been recently cited on The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Nation, The Atlantic, The Root, and NBC BLK. He’s also appeared on TV shows such as MSNBC’s AM JOY and TV One’s NewsOne with Roland Martin. Jonathan currently serves as the Director of the UndocuBlack Network, a Network of Black undocumented people organizing their own communities and building power. He lives in Baltimore, MD, and loves salsa, merengue and heartfelt hugs.

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