Transforming the System: Criminal Justice Policy Solutions and Public Opinion

Join us on Oct. 19 at 2 p.m. EST for a free webinar, “Transforming the System” to learn about our new criminal justice solutions report and website.

Our criminal justice system must keep all communities safe, foster prevention and rehabilitation, and ensure fair and equal justice. But in too many places, and in too many ways, our system is falling short of that mandate and with devastating consequences. The United States is saddled with an outdated, unfair, and bloated criminal justice system that drains resources and disrupts communities. Listen in as we introduce our new criminal justice report and website, “Transforming the System,” which outlines a range of solutions for outdated and unjust criminal justice policies, an overview of public opinion on justice issues, and ideas for how to talk about them to your audiences.

We welcome three Opportunity Agenda speakers on this month’s webinar, I. India Thusi, Associate Counsel & Robert L. Carter Fellow who wrote “Transforming the System’s” main policy report and fact sheets, Loren Siegel, who wrote the public opinion report, and Senior Framing and Messaging Coordinator Julie Fisher-Rowe.

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