The Road Ahead for Social Justice: Ending Broken Windows Policing

The Road Ahead for Social Justice is a series of tools and webinars, released over the coming months, that will address the challenges ahead and provide guidance on countering them through a powerful shared narrative.

We ask that you join us in this #Road4SJ series and hope you will contribute your thoughts, participation, feedback, and voice.

Join our webinar on March 22 from 2-3pm EST to learn a few tips on talking about broken windows policing in a challenging political climate. Donald Trump has declared his plans for an expanded role for law enforcement. Meanwhile, members from different communities are advocating for cities to eliminate practices rooted in broken windows policing and profiling to provide a true sanctuary for their residents.

Drawing on their work with Black youth, Latinos, Muslims, sex workers, and LGBTQ people, our speakers will provide professional insight on this issue, uplifting examples of public safety that are not overly reliant on law enforcement.

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