Justice Out Loud: These Times Call For Nothing Less

The meaning and importance of calling for Justice Out Loud is incredibly palpable, especially now. It’s been that way for quite a while – certainly in 2020, starting with impeachment and now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Communities that work hard toward liberation, freedom, and justice are often those with the most at stake, which is why we must work together to center and uplift their voices during this pressing time.

In this webinar, The Opportunity Agenda’s President Ellen Buchman speaks with United We Dream Communications Director Bruna Bouhid-Sollod and Safe and Just Michigan Outreach Director Troy Rienstra on how we can stay ambitiously aspirational and focused on our social justice goals during this exceptionally challenging period. This webinar also outlines three key principles to follow in calling for Justice Out Loud during this time of COVID-19.

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