Storytelling for Systemic Change

The Opportunity Agenda hosted a storytelling webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 18 that focused on promoting narratives for long-term change. We all use stories in our communications and they’re one of the most compelling tools we have in reaching audiences. Yet we also know that there are inherent dangers in relying too much on individual personal stories that only invite the judgment or celebration of the people featured and limit audiences’ abilities to appreciate the systemic solutions possible.

In this webinar, we discussed some examples of how to use personal stories to highlight systemic change while still honoring people’s authentic experiences, protecting those we’re featuring, and ensuring that audiences walk away understanding the solutions we recommend. Julie Fisher-Rowe, Director of Narrative and Engagement for The Opportunity Agenda, led the conversation with guest speaker Krystal Ortiz, a consultant with the ACLU of Texas. Ellen Buchman, President of The Opportunity Agenda, moderated.

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