Talking about Poverty and Economic Opportunity: Shifting the Narrative

We need a new story about poverty and economic opportunity in the United States today. Each week, the Trump administration finds ways to whittle away at the programs that help families who are struggling to make ends meet. The Opportunity Agenda has created new messaging recommendations to address this problem, drawn from listening and talking to advocates across the country, with the shared aim of building a narrative that shifts the way our nation addresses economic opportunity.

On May 29, 2019, The Opportunity Agenda introduced these new pillars through the webinar, “Talking about Poverty and Economic Opportunity: Shifting the Narrative.” Guest speakers Marisol Bello of Community Change discussed the importance of lifting up authentic voices — those with the lived experience of poverty; Bill Nichols from Spotlight on Poverty discussed how their work shines a light on real-world solutions to poverty; and Charon Hribar shared (and sang!) about how the Poor People’s Campaign is using arts, culture, and organizing to build the power of people living in poverty.

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