A Window of Opportunity

// Published: 2014


The Opportunity Agenda wishes to thank and acknowledge the many people who contributed their time, energy and expertise to the research and writing of these reports on deep and persistent poverty. Our sincerest gratitude goes to the leaders and experts in the field with whom we consulted. The Media Analysis and the Meta-Analysis of Public Opinion were researched and written by Loren Siegel. The Social Media Analysis was researched and written by Jill Mizell and Jhanidya Bermeo. It was edited by Ellen Braune and Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis of The Opportunity Agenda. We also want to express our great appreciation to Christopher Moore who designed, Jill Bailin who edited, and Margo Harris who proofread all three reports. Special thanks to Carol Schlitt who managed the project.

The Opportunity Agenda’s research on deep and persistent poverty is funded by the JPB Foundation, with support for additional research from The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, The Libra Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations. The statements made and views expressed are those of The Opportunity Agenda.

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