Emmett Till

On this day in 1955, African-American teenager Emmett Till was abducted for allegedly offending a white woman. His brutalized body was found a few days later. Historical markers recognizing Till’s death are regularly torn down and shot at by vandals — a symbolic reminder of the ongoing threat of white supremacy poses to Black communities. Cite the values of voice, equity, and community when discussing this anniversary.

National Prison Strike

In 2018, men and women incarcerated in prisons across the nation declared a National Prison Strike in response to the riot at the Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum-security prison in South Carolina, where seven people lost their lives. The strikers demanded “humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform and the end of modern-day slavery.” Cite the values of safety, equity, and voice when discussing the anniversary of the strike.

Colin Kaepernick

Today also marks when professional football player Colin Kaepernick first protested racial injustice and police brutality during the national anthem in 2016. Use this news hook to talk about the First Amendment right to challenge injustice and the value of Voice.

Watts Rebellion

In 1965, the Watts Rebellion was ignited by the violent arrest of an African-American driver in Los Angeles. Use this anniversary to discuss policing and economic opportunity with your networks. Cite the values of safety and equity.

Michael Brown

On this day in 2014, a Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an African-American teenager. His death sparked weeks of protest in Ferguson and outrage across the country. Use this anniversary to discuss police brutality and redefining safety in our communities. Cite the values of voice, equity, and safety.

El Paso Walmart Shooting

On this day in 2019, a racist mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, TX stole the lives of 23 people and injured dozens more. This date marks the deadliest, anti-Latino attack in modern United States history. Talk about the values of human rights and safety when observing this anniversary.

Eric Garner

On this day in 2014, New York City police officers killed Eric Garner for selling single cigarettes. He was put in a chokehold which resulted in his death. Garner was recorded saying, “I can’t breathe,” which has remained a rallying cry against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd. Honor Garner and discuss policing and racial justice issues by citing the values of voice, equity, and safety.

Sandra Bland

On this day in 2015, Sandra Bland mysteriously died in police custody. Days earlier she was arrested for a minor traffic violation by Texas state troopers. Cell phone footage from her phone, released years after her death, renewed questions regarding the officer’s testimony. On this anniversary, discuss the values of equity and safety.

Philando Castile

On this day in 2016, Philando Castile was killed by Minnesota police officer Jeronime Yanez during a routine traffic stop. Castile’s girlfriend recorded the encounter while her infant daughter sat in the back seat. On this anniversary, discuss the ongoing need to end police brutality using the values of safety and equity.

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